Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Friday, April 29, 2011

Easter 2011

This year for Easter the boys FINALLY got a visit from the Easter Bunny. Things have always happened in the years before where either we didn't have the big boys or something to where they never got Easter baskets. But, this year was different! The easter bunny visited and brought them all matchy matchy outfits haha Alex hates it, but I think they look darling! We went to my sister Maranda's for Easter dinner and had a really great time.

Train Museum

My nephews--they really are normal, but you wouldn't know it from this picture!

Emerson--all grown up!

Passed out in the floor

Emerson got a fresh buzz!

Juan's Mini Vacation to the Homeland

Playa Ventura

I think this is Juan's Dad and maybe brother, and grandma?

Juan's Aunt's restaurant (Cousin Dora or Blanca and her son Victor) Weird that after 31 years Juan isn't sure of his cousins name! haha

Pot o' nasty soup!

Victor-cousins little boy. He is so cute!

Part of the food tour--oyster surprise on the beach!

Juan's little brother, sister and Mom

Midget basketball anyone? =)

Juan went on a food tour of sorts-and yes, got totally sick!

Juan's Mama

Juan took a trip to see his familia in Mexico back in February. He stayed for a week, and had a great time. He, unfortunatly, got pretty sick after a couple days there-so that made for some intersting times in the homeland! I was sure to let him know that I was sicker than him when we went together and that it sucked! Glad he got at least a little dose of what Em and I felt last time!

Bowling--in---oh...maybe February

We took Emerson bowling for the first time. He was a fan! He was so funny--he would run from the seat to the bowling lane to push his ball. He loved it!

Emerson turned 2--back in January!


The kids spent quite a bit of time sledding this winter with Juan. I, being pregnant and all, opted out of sledding. Even if I wasn't pregnant--I probably would have opted out! haha